Rosette Dress

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White and Red Floral

The Rosette Dress, an ode to refined beauty, cloaks you in a fabric of dreams, with 3D roses blooming across an asymmetrical canvas, each petal a soft echo of nature’s perfection.

Fabric: Gossamer threads weave a backdrop for the sculpted florals.

Care: Dry clean, preserving the fabric’s enchanting narrative.

Sizes: XS to XL, each cut a tribute to form and beauty.

Color: Ethereal white, hinting at more shades to unveil.

Styling Tips: Complement with minimalist jewels and heels that whisper prestige.

Unique Features: The 3D floral design, a tactile journey through artisanal excellence.

Model Info: 5’7”, wearing size S, captures the garment’s delicate strength.

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