The Designer

Hermione Elma the designer


Hermione was destined for a career in fashion design. Growing up in a creative family, she learned early on what she could do with just a pair of scissors and a piece of fabric. In fact, several of her family members were reputable tailors in the town where she grew up, including her mother. As a child, Hermione spent most of her time at her uncle’s studio, picking up fabric scraps and turning them into dresses for her dolls.

Her interest in fashion design continued through high school. She took many art courses and participated in her school’s fashion shows. Although she always wanted to become a fashion designer, her kind and caring nature led her into the healthcare sector. She worked as a medical assistant, while continuing to pursue her interest in fashion in her spare time. Hermione altered and designed clothes for herself, including her own scrubs for work. She also made clothes for her friends and family members.

After several years in healthcare, she decided it was time to follow her dreams and pursue a degree in Fashion Design. In 2012, she began designing clothes in the comfort of her home in West Palm Beach, Florida. Her business was an overnight success. Just a few months later, she opened her online store named “Hermione’s Couture”. As her business continued to grow, she eventually began renting a small space, which now serves as her studio. Today, Hermione continues to design beautiful, Fun, Art and Couture pieces including wedding gowns that are worn by many including celebrities. Her one-of-a-kind pieces are unique and highly sought after by her loyal client base.