Rosabelle Mini Blazer Dress

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White and Red Floral

Command the room in the Rosabelle Mini Blazer Dress, where audacious design meets the romance of rose adornments, all swathed in a color that sings of deep passion and fearless elegance.

Fabric: Bold Red, Robust yet refined, maintaining form and vibrant hue.

Care: Dry clean to keep the fiery essence alive.

Sizes: XS to XL, a harmonious blend of daring and grace.

Color: Rich red, with future palettes in anticipation.

Styling Tips: Accentuate with sleek boots or pumps, crafting a narrative of bold sophistication.

Unique Features: Rose details on the shoulders, a flourish that captivates and defines.

Model Info: 5’6”, size XS, portraying the dress’s fierce allure.